How to make a return

The article you do not like or the size ordered is not the right one?

Perform the online return procedure to return your order for free after your decision within 14 days!

  • How to make a return - Return an item
  • Refund
  • Book a new collection for your return
  • Change an article
  • How to cancel a return
  • 60 days to make your order
  • Reimbursement for purchases with payment on delivery
  • If the product is faulty
  • You threw the shoe box
  • The IBAN and the BIC / SWIFT

How to make a return – Return an item

1. Go to the "Order history" section of your account.

2. Select the order from which you want to return an item by clicking on "Details".

3. Select the products you wish to return through the box next to the names.

4. Add the amount to be returned (in case you need to return more than one product).

5. (optional) In the "Goods Return" section, add an explanation so that the team understands better why the customer wants to return that product. Indicate the address and the name from which to withdraw the return and a time slot in which to let the courier to pick up the package (morning or afternoon).

6. Click on "Request a refund".


If you have made a return, the refund will take place within ten working days from the date of delivery of the package to the courier.

When we receive your return in stock you will receive a confirmation email.

Have you paid cash on delivery?

During the online return procedure you can choose the method of reimbursement that you prefer, between credit note (you will receive a voucher code to be used on next order or product replacement) or bank transfer.

Did you pay by credit card?

In this case, the refund will be made on the same card or on the associated current account. It may happen that the date of the refund, in your bank statement, coincides with that of the purchase.

Did you pay with Paypal?

You will receive the amount relating to the items returned to the same Paypal account.

Have you made an advance payment by bank transfer?

The repayment will be made on the same current account.

Book a new collection for your return

If you were not at home or the courier has not picked up your return, the courier will try to make a new transfer for the next day. you can book a new appointment by contacting the courier directly Alternatively, if you prefers a collection point, you can find the nearest one by clicking HERE.

To reserve a new return receipt, you can also contact our customer service. Find all the contacts at the bottom of this page.

Change an article

The article you do not like or the size ordered is not the right one? Proceed to the free return of the article and, if you want, order it again!

How to cancel a return

If after making the return procedure in your account you decide to keep the goods you can do it and this does not involve any additional expense.

In case you have chosen the pick-up mode at home, we can not change the appointment for the Remember that in your account the order will remain in the "My returns" list. You can not change this setting even if your order has not actually been returned.

14 days to make your order

You have 14 days to make your order free!

The articles must be intact and not used.

We advise you to try the shoes on a soft and clean so as not to risk damaging them (a carpet for example).

Be careful not to dirty the goods.

Make your shoes in their original box.

Reimbursement for purchases with payment on delivery

After receiving and checking your return, we will make a refund within 10 working days from the time of delivery of the package to the courier.

If you have paid your order in cash you can choose between receiving a bank transfer or a voucher (voucher) for future or immediate purchase.

Bank transfer

Enter the name and surname of the account holder, yours or that of a trusted person. In order for the transaction to be successful, it is very important to specify the name of the nominee or nominees, if it is a joint account.

IBAN: code of 27 characters. An Italian IBAN always starts with the letters IT, then always follow two control numbers, and then again a letter (CIN code).

BIC / SWIFT Code: 8-character bank identification code, which can be followed by three other characters that specifically identify the bank of the reference bank.

How do I find IBAN and BIC? In the documents that the bank has issued to you when opening the account, or, if you have an online account, on the page dedicated to your data.

Contact your branch directly if you can not access this data.

Voucher to be used for future or immediate new purchase on the store

Received and verified your return, we will issue a voucher corresponding to the credit note for your return that you can use for future purchases. The voucher takes the form of a discount code that the customer can enter during the checkout process (payment).

If the product is faulty

If an item received is faulty, you can make a claim.

You can contact us by phone, or send us a request by clicking on "Write us". Enter a short description of the defect, the order number and after receiving the necessary information, we will process your request and we will reply as soon as possible.

You threw the shoe box

If you want to make shoes, use the original box in which they were sent.

Should we receive products already used, damaged or in a package other than the original one, we will not be able to proceed with the refund.

The IBAN and the BIC / SWIFT for repayment by bank transfer

If you have paid the order in cash and wish to receive a refund on your bank account, we need the information you find below.

HOLDER OF THE ACCOUNT: name of the holder of the current account or nominees;

IBAN: you can find the IBAN in your bank statement or request it directly from your bank. For Italy it is composed of 27 characters;

BIC / SWIFT: BIC / SWIFT is a code used in international payments to identify your bank. It can consist of 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters.

With these 3 data we will have all the information necessary to make a refund on your current account. If any of this data is incorrect, the refund may not be successful.



After your payment is completed, please wait until you are redirected back to our shop. Do not hit the back button. Thank you.